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This is the space where I record my not-so-random thoughts about culture and politics.  I articulate my thoughts best when I write, so this is mostly for myself, but I also hope to engage with people who use cyberspace for purposes other than to document the gymnastics of their fat cat.

I am a Shatat Palestinian.  Shatat is Arabic for Diaspora, and I have named my blog My People Too to foreground the millions of us who are Palestinians first and foremost, and who happen to be in the Shatat.  Israel refers to its Palestinian citizens as a “demographic threat,” in willful ignorance of the millions it has displaced, pushed outside of its ever expanding borders.  We are by far the greater threat, because “We Are All Palestinian,” and we will return.  And if the implementation of our human rights threatens Israel, then Israel can’t be all that democratic now, can it?

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