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Yoga 101

April 7, 2012

The yoga instructor said “Breathe your intention,” and I wondered “which intention?”  Should I breathe “heal my back,” which is the pragmatic reason I am at Balance Yoga Studio, or “Free Palestine?”  And “Free Palestine,” like most convenient catch phrases, is a somewhat inappropriate representation of my intention, since it suggests a national aspiration which I do not particularly identify with.  I prefer “Justice for the Palestinian people.”  And surely breathing isn’t enough to achieve this.  All breath, no action, ain’t gonna get me there, and please don’t try and tell  me breath is action, ‘cuz that would mean every one who is alive, “breathing,” is an activist…

What???  Breathe out already?  I haven’t fully articulated my intention, I have not had a chance to determine how best to breathe it in…

Yep, that’s my brain on yoga…


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  1. I am persistent. I went to a full THREE yoga sessions before quitting. But I sure quit. ‘Cuz I need to breathe.

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