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We Shut down THREE pinkwashing events!!!

March 19, 2012

In early January 2012, a number of Palestine justice groups in the Pacific Northwest, from Bellingham to Portland, came together for what proved to be a fabulous, hands-on, “we don’t need any more talk, we want to engage in action” kind of meeting.  We formed a loose coalition, and decided to work together on a common strategy, Boycott, Divehovercardsstment, and Sanctions, until the goals of that global solidarity movement are met.

This coalition has so far been a very positive and empowering space.  We organized a number of events for Israeli Apartheid Week, and we’re planning something for Land Day.  However, our greatest sucsess was one we could not have anticipated when we came together, since we did not know, at the time, that there would be a Pinkwashing Tour coming through our region.

We found out about the two-week tour of the West Coast when a few of us received an announcement of “Israeli LGBT leaders” speaking at community centers in Olympia, Tacoma, and Seattle.  These speakers’ tour was sponsored by the Israeli Consulate, and StankWithUs.  We immediately recognized these events as part of the Pinkwashing campaign, and individual members of our coalition sent emails, info, and links to the community centers hosting the events.  We got on the phone with them, we wrote letters, we were persistent, articulate and, obviously, convincing.

The first center to cancel was in Tacoma, and we were ecstatic.  Then we heard that Olympia too was cancelling.  Wow!  The cherry on top came with the cancellation of the third event, at Seattle City Hall.

This was a HUGE success, and I plan on writing about the behind-the-scenes organizing in greater detail, because I do not want to minimize our work, but I do want to say that, if we can do it, so can you, and you, and you.  Pinkwashing isn’t about gay rights, it’s Israel trying to fix its image, without fixing the policies that tarnished that image.

This is the press release we posted, after the cancellations.


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