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Here I go again

March 19, 2012

So, I had started a blog some years ago, which I had named MyPeopleToo, for some reason I can’t quite remember now.  I think the name still works, so here I go again.  I’m pretty sure I will be writing mostly political commentary here (what?  isnt’ everything political commentary?  No.  Everything is political, but some of it is news, some of it is rants, some of it is organizing…) 

I chose to post my picture with the “We are all Palestinian” Tshirt not because I think much of these solidarity statements, but because I have my own take on it:  “We are all Palestinian,” for me, refers to the 7 million Palestinian refugees Israel wants you to forget about, when it says that the so-called “Arab Israelis,” meaning the ’48 Palestinians who never left the homeland during al-Nakba, are a “demographic threat.”  Not so, Israel.  We, the millions in the dispora, are all Palestinian, and we are the demographic threat you can’t even bring yourself to mention.  And we will return.  I’m working on it.  Yes, Palestine, not Miami, Florida,  is my retirement plan 🙂

OK, I think that should work as my intro, my “Hello, World,” first post. 


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  1. fattoush permalink

    Welcome! It will be great to read your blog, I am sure.

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